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Jane Radley is an independent, qualified lactation consultant

Breastfeeding should be a mutually rewarding experience. Often, however, women find the reality is somewhat different. Due to conflicting and confusing information many women, be they new mothers or women who have breastfed before report pain and difficulty. There is a need for extremely supportive practical help.

I can enable women and their families to overcome potential breastfeeding challenges, including:
Sore Nipples • Damaged Nipples • Flat Nipples • Breast Reduction • Breast Enlargement • Thrush • Mastitis • Milk Supply Concerns • Weight Gain • Breast Refusal • Nursing Strikes • Diagnosis of Tongue Tie

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Image: Start quotationIt is my aim to provide an excellent service which will promote a positive and fulfilling breastfeeding experience for both mother and baby within the comfort and convenience of your own home.Image: Close quotation

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Jane Radley RM IBCLC BA (Hons)

Breastfeeding Consultant

I am an independent, qualified breastfeeding consultant based in Oxfordshire, near Oxford. I offer breastfeeding advice and help throughout the Oxfordshire area.

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